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Welcome to Julia Mills Glass Designs.

My aspiration as an artist is to capture the beauty of nature in the distinctive form of glass.

These bright, contemporary glass artworks are my jubilant response to the inspiring forms and colours which surround me here in Cornwall. Each carefully hand-made piece harnesses the astounding light of the peninsula, incorporating dynamic, abstract elements alongside shapes from nature and the seashore.

Working from my home-studio overlooking the Cornish coast, I produce work for sale online as well as in galleries across Cornwall and beyond. My growing range includes affordable framed glass panels ready to be hung in any window or doorway to create lively patterns and colours. I also undertake contemporary glass commissions for businesses, private houses and public spaces, creating unique works of stained glass to captivate visitors.

To make an enquiry contact me directly at or simply browse the latest pieces for sale in the online shop.


CommissionsI am happy to work with clients on any scale to produce a bespoke piece of glass which resonates with the individual person and setting.

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About Julia Mills

Julia Mills As an artist working in Cornwall, I draw inspiration from my surroundings. I enjoy working from my studio perched above the harbour.

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