Cornwall: Home to Great Craftsmanship, Design and Innovation

Posted on: July 30th, 2014 by juliamills

I am lucky in Cornwall to be surrounded, not only by natural beauty, but also by a wealth of designers and creators who combine talent and innovation with a passion for this unique place.

Catherine and Val (Harvey and Jefferson) are a good example. The couple built up an internationally-renowned mosaic building and restoration business, but were determined to find a way of keeping up with demand without constant trips away from their home in West Cornwall.

Their new website, ‘Mosaics by Post’ is an innovative way of achieving this dream, bringing together Victorian designs and 25 years experience with online accessibility and affordability.

With many designs and colours to choose from, visitors to the site can build their own unique mosaic flooring complete with a matching border. The mosaics are then compiled on sheets in the Penzance studio, with a protective adhesive film to protect them during delivery. The tiles can be used inside or outside to create impressive feature flooring which is incredibly durable.

Stormont Rd. 2JPG

Catherine, whose parents were both artists (her father was a potter) was inspired to research mosaic designs and techniques after visits to Spain and Russia. Val had just completed a ceramics restoration course when the two precipitously met at Art College – and a life-long partnership began.

Their restoration work centred on South London, where the Victorians created a vast repository of mosaic flooring. However the family moved to Cornwall in _____ and Catherine and Val began working on projects here. ‘Mosaics by Post’ allows them to focus on in-situ work in Cornwall, whilst still being able to satisfy the market in London.

15 Rowfant Rd

Since starting the website, Catherine has been busy coming up with new designs, and is keen to collaborate with landscapers, designers and architects to incorporate mosaic flooring into new builds, renovations and landscape projects.

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