Cornwall Today, March Artist Feature

Posted on: March 9th, 2014 by juliamills

The artist feature in this month’s issue of Cornwall Today appeared right on schedule to show-off my work at a fantastic time of the year. March is perfect for introducing fresh colour into rooms brightened by new spring light, and a hand-crafted piece of glass will do just that.

Pebble GridWriter Alex Wade visited my home studio along with photographer Mike Newman to capture the creation of a new body of work. The location seemed to inspire them almost as much as me -“Mount’s Bay is below, in all its glory; so, too, the unceasing bustle of Newlyn’s harbour. St Michaels’ Mount looks splendid, and away in the distance is the Lizard,” wrote Alex. As you can see, Mike’s images beautifully captured the multi-faceted properties of the glass.

You can read the full article (if you’re quick!) in the magazine, but here’s a sneaky snippet.

“Julia’s handmade glassware blends abstraction with natural forms, themselves crafted from objects she finds on local seashore and coastal walks. Using top quality handmade glass sourced from around the world and enlivened by natural lines, tiny bubbles and intricate textures, Julia’s artworks are contemporary, bright, colourful and above all, joyful, with surfaces that alternately shimmer, shine and ripple – like water.” I really loved that description – thank you Alex!

pilchard wheel

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